Larry Wayne Studio

Metal sculptor and fabricator Larry Wayne Cockerill is a San Francisco native residing and working in the Bay Area. The artist has developed a unique style utilizing metal fabrication, welding, laser cutting, polishing and patina. He has created several complete bodies of work: large-scale freestanding for indoor and outdoor display, smaller tabletop pieces and wall sculptures. Many of his works utilize moving parts and invite viewer interaction.

In his Box Series, each box piece has a functional hinged door, drawer or both that allow for storage or the insertion of candles or light fixtures inside the sculpture. When lit the boxes radiate a warm glow that colours the environment. Some larger outdoor pieces also contain moving parts or are springloaded, which react to the changing weather conditions simulating living organisms in nature. Smaller pieces and wall sculptures have functional applications, including chopstick holders, (boating) paddle holders, candle holders and mirrors.

Larry Wayne Studio also creates custom metal fabrication specializing in signage, furniture, fences, gates, guardrails, staircases, awnings, canopies, rain covers, trellises, firepits, and trophies. The studio has been serving customers in the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty years and is highly regarded for it's creative design as well as commitment to excellence and durability in finished construction.

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